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Video Production Services

Make cool videos to impress your viewers.


Creating high-quality video content

Boost your online advertising with awesome videos! We’re a video company in Dallas that makes top-notch videos from the beginning to the end. Our team can create, plan, direct, and edit incredible visuals to impress your audience every single time.

Why choose us for your upcoming video project?

We’re a complete video production company based in Dallas. Whether it’s a big or small project, any type of video, we’ve got it covered. We own our cameras, lighting, modifiers, gimbals/stabilizers, and pro audio equipment. Post-production happens in-house using the latest tools. Our team includes skilled writers, producers, directors, and cinematographers who can handle everything from creative services to the final delivery. No matter the budget or size of the project, we approach each one with the highest level of professionalism.

Why choose us for your upcoming video project?

“People really like seeing things, and impactful videos help us understand and connect with the world. Video is a great way to capture and make sense of our surroundings.” – Dan Patterson

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Tell your tale! Each business has its own special identity. Show your customers a behind-the-scenes view of how you work, your mission, and who you are. A brand video is the perfect way to link your audience to your message.

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You can talk about your business all day, but what customers really want to know is the experience others have had. Make use of the most powerful tool in marketing: a positive review!

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A video is like a thousand pictures. When it comes to getting attention, boost your product sales with an awesome video. Watching your product in action will leave a lasting impression on your customers, much more than just a picture would.

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If you want to let your clients know that your service is the best in the industry, there’s no better way than a quality video. Speak directly to your potential or current clients and tell them, in your own words, what makes your business stand out.

Video production services breakdown

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Getting Ready:

  • Thinking: Coming up with ideas for the video.
  • Writing: Making a written plan for what will happen in the video.
  • Drawing: Creating pictures to show how the video will look.

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Making Videos:

  • Recording: Using cameras and equipment to film the video.
  • Guiding: Helping the people in the video do the right things.
  • Collecting: Gathering all the video and sound needed.

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Putting it together

  • Putting scenes together: Arranging the filmed parts to make the video..
  • Adding souds: Making the audio better with music, sounds, and voices..
  • Making it Look Good: Adjusting colors and visuals to make the video nice. .
  • Adding Special Effects: Putting in any extra digital touches.
  • Finishing Up: Getting the video ready to be shown.

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Extra Stuff:

  • Moving Graphics: Adding animated things to make it more interesting..
  • Flying Camera Shots:: Using drones to film from the sky. .
  • All-Around Video: Making videos that show everything around you.

A proffessional video agency that delievers

Do you need assistance with just one video or your whole marketing plan? Get in touch with DMI today! We offer creative video marketing and technical solutions that really work and show clear, measurable results.