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Amazon Posts Management

Make it easier for people to find you and get more people to follow you.


Amazon Posts is like a social media platform for Amazon, where you can share pictures of your products. It started in 2019, and if you want to get in early and see good results, DMI Internet Marketing Agency, an Amazon advertising agency, can help. With Amazon Posts, you can appear on your competitors’ product pages without paying, showcase your products with great lifestyle pictures, and increase your sales using a smart Amazon Posts strategy.

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What Are Amazon Posts?

Wow your customers by sharing amazing and one-of-a-kind lifestyle content.

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Amazon Posts is like Amazon’s own social media effort, aimed at helping people discover new brands and products. It’s a part of Amazon Advertising, letting you display your products through carefully curated lifestyle content.

Here’s how it works: Amazon shows your Posts to people who might be interested, and those viewers can easily buy the featured product directly from your Amazon listing.

Currently, Amazon Advertising Posts is in beta, meaning it’s being tested and improved. The best part? It’s free! Sellers and vendors enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry in the U.S. can use it.

Think of an Amazon Post as a regular social media post – it has your brand logo, name, image, and a caption. What sets it apart is the buying feature. People who like your Posts can hit “Follow” to keep up with your updates and, if they want, purchase the product right from the Post.

What’s Included With DMI Amazon Posts Services

Rev up your outcomes and create a lively online community.

Amazon Posts Profile Creation and Set Up

To start making Amazon Posts, log in using your advertising console or Seller Central details. Our Amazon advertising agency takes care of the necessary steps to begin, ensuring you have the right Amazon account type, are enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, and have an Amazon Store. We handle all the requirements for setting up your Posts profile.

Amazon Advertising Posts Strategy

Amazon determines the placement of your Posts based on their relevance and engagement. Our Amazon agency creates a personalized strategy to enhance the visibility of your Posts, increase interactions, and expand your follower base. We carefully curate your brand feed and schedule your Posts because higher engagement leads to more visibility on Amazon.

Stellar Product and Lifestyle Content

Posts enable you to highlight your products in a fresh way, showcasing various ways to use them. We craft outstanding lifestyle content to make your brand more relatable and persuade shoppers to make a purchase. Additionally, we make sure that your customers encounter top-notch and well-optimized product images when they visit your product listings.

Amazon Post Optimization

We link products to your Posts using Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs). Our Amazon Posts services guarantee that the correct ASIN and product listing are included in every Post to enhance conversions. We optimize your product details, pricing, and star rating using established Amazon product listing optimization techniques.

Amazon Post Creative Submission

We adhere to best practices when submitting your Amazon Posts for approval and handle cases of rejected creatives. By formatting all your Amazon Posts, we can optimize functionality and visual elements. We make sure each image aligns with Amazon Posts creative acceptance policies, considering factors like color format, display aspect ratio, file format, maximum file size, and resolution.

Amazon Post Copywriting

We handle the creation and management of all your Amazon Post captions, tailoring them to reflect your brand voice and emphasize features that set you apart from competitors. Additionally, we assist you in crafting a clear call-to-action to encourage browsers to become buyers. Navigating the highly specific restrictions on caption text that sellers might not be aware of, our Amazon marketing agency employs creativity while adhering to Amazon’s guidelines.

Amazon Posts Analytics

Amazon Posts offers valuable data and a downloadable report on viewable impressions (views), engagement (clicks), and engagement rates. This report shows how many shoppers clicked on your Post compared to how many saw it. Leveraging this performance data, we identify the optimal times to publish Amazon Posts for the highest return on investment. By analyzing the performance of your Posts and understanding what resonates with your followers, we make data-driven marketing decisions to optimize your Posts for better results.

QA engineers

Quality Assurance

We implement a thorough quality assurance process for all your Amazon content, closely monitoring the publishing, product load time, and proper display of your Posts. Our goal is to ensure that every Post captures your followers' attention and sets you apart from your competition. With our attention to detail, you won't inadvertently post any prohibited products or content because we maintain compliance with all Amazon Post guidelines.

Why Choose DMI for Your Amazon Posts Services

We collaborate with you to achieve the specific results you're aiming for.


Award-Winning Amazon Agency

Our comprehensive Amazon agency has earned recognition as a top Amazon marketing company from reputable industry professionals on multiple occasions. Our success is rooted in a genuine commitment to our clients' goals and the strong relationships we've cultivated. Clients choose us because we prioritize honesty, integrity, and never make promises we can't keep.

Custom Amazon Advertising Posts Strategy

At DMI, we reject the idea of one-size-fits-all solutions and customize our Amazon Posts services to fit your needs. We invest time in comprehending your business goals, operate within a practical budget, and allocate resources efficiently across our strategies. Your dedicated Amazon marketing manager develops a distinct and multifaceted approach, specifically designed to achieve the results you're aiming for.

Content Marketing Expertise

Amazon Posts DMI on visual and engaging content, making a robust Amazon content marketing strategy essential. Rely on your Amazon marketing manager to think creatively and discover innovative ways to highlight your products. With over 15 years in the industry, DMI is your strongest ally in achieving success on Amazon.

We Specialize in eCommerce Marketing

It's more than just Amazon marketing for us – we're a complete eCommerce marketing agency. Our services cover specialized eCommerce optimization, SEO, PPC, and web design. Recognizing that eCommerce success goes beyond great product photos, our experts focus on leveraging all aspects of your brand. We meticulously analyze customer questions and reviews, extracting valuable insights to enhance your SEO and online content.

We Stay Ahead of the Curve

As a top Amazon marketing agency, we assure our clients that we stay ahead of industry trends and developments. This proactive approach enables us to be more effective in our strategies and capitalize on optimal opportunities to promote your brand. Since Amazon Posts is currently in beta, we pledge to align our Amazon social media approach with the latest available information to ensure our strategies are up-to-date.

Transparency and Measurable Results

DMI operates as a data-driven Amazon management company where optimizing Amazon product listings is a top priority. This process involves meticulous analytics and tracking. Your Amazon marketing manager employs advanced performance tracking methods, ensuring that decisions are based on accurate data. We make this data accessible to you at any time and provide regular reports to keep you informed of our progre