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Amazon DSP Advertising Management

Boost Your Sales and Reach More People


Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) helps advertisers purchase space for digital display ads on and off Amazon. DMI Internet Marketing Agency, an Amazon advertising agency, can handle your DSP ads to get the best results. Connect with your desired audience more efficiently using Amazon’s demand-side platform, and make the most of both first- and third-party shopper data available exclusively through DSP advertising.

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What Is Amazon DSP?

Expand Your Reach Using Unique Shopper Data

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Amazon DSP, or demand-side platform, is a part of Amazon Advertising that allows for the automated and programmatic purchasing of display, video, and audio ads. These ads are not limited to but also extend to other Amazon subsidiaries like IMDb and Prime Video.

To understand Amazon DSP better, it’s helpful to grasp two key concepts:

1. Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform): This is a tool from Amazon Advertising that facilitates the automated buying of digital ads, including display, video, and audio. It’s not restricted to ads solely on but reaches across various Amazon-owned platforms.

2. Demand Side Platform (DSP): A DSP is a technology platform that enables advertisers to purchase ad space programmatically. Advertisers can display text, images, video, and audio ads on digital platforms with available space, known as inventory. Amazon display ads, like banners and product display ads, are examples of such digital advertising.

In summary, Amazon DSP is a tool within Amazon Advertising that automates the buying of various digital ads, while a demand-side platform is a broader concept used in digital advertising to purchase ad space programmatically.

What’s Included With DMI Amazon DSP Advertising Management

Boost Your Outcomes with Exceptional and Distinctive Advertising Campaigns

Amazon DSP Advertising Strategy

Effective campaigns always begin with a thorough strategy. With our extensive experience in Amazon marketing services, we can deliver significant outcomes through a finely tuned and targeted display advertising strategy on Amazon. We invest time in comprehending your specific goals for Amazon display advertising and craft a personalized plan to help you achieve them.

Demand Side Platform Management

Although Amazon DSP automates ad inventory purchases, it doesn't operate independently. A successful extensive brand campaign requires a strategic approach, including a bidding process, setting prices, targeting the right audience, and choosing appropriate ad placements. We take care of your Amazon advertising platform, ensuring that you maximize the benefits of your DSP platform by overseeing these crucial aspects.

High-Quality Amazon DSP Ads

While your Amazon DSP strategy targets the right audience, it's the creatives that grab their attention. Many Amazon product display ads and Amazon banner ads rely on templates, but we go the extra mile by crafting custom creatives to make your Amazon display ads truly stand out. We take care to ensure that your DSP ads adhere to Amazon's strict creative acceptance policies, making necessary revisions to meet the standards and make a lasting impact.

DSP Amazon Audience Analysis

The quality of shopper data on Amazon is unmatched compared to other DSP platforms. While other demand-side platform companies may have insights into buyer interests, Amazon possesses data on actual buyer purchases. Our Amazon advertising agency leverages this valuable information by analyzing audience insights to better reach your ideal customers. We design retargeting campaigns and consistently refine your audience targeting for optimal results, ensuring your advertising efforts are finely tuned to the preferences and behaviors of your potential customers.

Amazon Display Advertising Expertise

Before the advent of DSP advertising, display ads were present and charged on a per-click basis. The essence of a demand-side platform (DSP) lies in providing users with the ability to purchase display advertising at a larger scale, where advertisers pay for every 1,000 impressions instead of individual clicks. Our role is to assist you in planning and allocating your advertising budget based on the most effective product display ads strategy for Amazon. Leveraging our expertise in display advertising, we offer integrated Amazon marketing services to complement your extensive advertising campaigns, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful approach.

Continuous DSP Amazon Optimization

At DMI, we strongly advocate for data-driven business decisions. We continuously track and analyze your Amazon DSP campaign analytics to identify effective strategies and areas for further optimization. By investing more in your most profitable campaigns and reallocating your ad budget strategically, we maximize the impact of your advertising efforts. Our experts thoroughly assess your target audience, eliminating overlaps that may waste resources. Through optimization of Amazon product display ads, we ensure that every penny of your advertising budget is utilized effectively, delivering tangible results for your business.

Why Choose DMI for Your Amazon DSP Advertising Management

Achieve Success Through Tried-and-Tested Methods and Creative Approaches

Award-Winning Amazon Agency

As a comprehensive Amazon marketing agency, we have consistently earned recognition for our excellence in Amazon advertising services. We invest time in understanding your business and share a genuine passion for its growth. Our experts adopt a strategic approach to enhance your campaign reach and ensure maximum return on investment (ROI).

Customized Amazon DSP Strategy

Navigating DSP platforms can be daunting without the right support. At DMI, we leverage our extensive experience in Amazon Advertising to craft a fully customized Amazon DSP strategy tailored specifically for you. Collaborating with you, we carefully plan your budget and execute cost-effective solutions. Our team of experts employs a multifaceted approach to ensure the implementation of strategies that drive profitable results.

We Are eCommerce Experts

By partnering with DMI, you gain access to over 15 years of eCommerce expertise derived from numerous successful advertising campaigns. We elevate your products to the forefront of eCommerce by providing comprehensive eCommerce marketing services. Our team of experts employs established eCommerce optimization techniques, SEO strategies, PPC campaigns, and web design best practices to propel the success of your business.

We Stay Ahead of the Curve

As the Amazon Advertising platform evolves, our Amazon experts are dedicated to ensuring that your business grows in tandem. We stay abreast of the latest Amazon trends and developments, seizing every opportunity to leverage Amazon tools for your benefit. Continuously adapting, we refine your strategy to align with the most effective methods for promoting your business and expanding your customer base.

Transparency and Measurable Results

The depth of Amazon DSP campaign analytics surpasses any other solution currently available on the Amazon Advertising platform. Capitalizing on the intricate details we've gleaned about your audiences, we meticulously refine your strategy to yield superior results. At DMI, we harness the insights from your DSP campaign to craft profitable Amazon product display ads and optimize the performance of all other available Amazon Advertising solutions.

Dedicated Account Manager

At DMI, a significant part of our success stems from our team's dedication to transparency, responsiveness, and relationship building. Your dedicated Amazon account manager ensures that you are well-informed about crucial business decisions and updated on the progress of your campaigns. We maintain open communication lines, making all your data readily available to you at any time. This commitment to transparency and collaboration is integral to our approach in building strong and lasting relationships with our clients.