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Franchise Reputation Management

Build strong connections with your customers to enhance their loyalty and boost your overall business growth.


Manage the reputation of your franchise effectively, regardless of its size or location, by relying on DMI expertise. Our comprehensive franchise reputation management services are designed to uphold high standards and provide clear guidelines to meet both corporate and franchisee goals. With our fully managed approach, you can ensure a consistently positive public perception of your brand across all franchise locations and platforms, supporting the overall success of your business.

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What Is Franchise Reputation Management?

Protect Your Growing Online Presence

“Making sure people see your company in a positive light is crucial for its success. Franchise online reputation management, also called enterprise reputation management, involves keeping a close eye on how people interact with your brand and taking action to preserve a positive image.

For franchises, managing reputation involves using marketing, brand control, and SEO across multiple locations to have better control over how your brand is seen. Considering that a significant 91 percent of consumers trust online reviews almost as much as personal recommendations, the ongoing success of any franchise relies on having consistent reputation strategies across all locations.

However, some companies struggle to handle reputation management for multi-location brands, leading to inaccurate brand representations that hurt trust and growth. To close the gap between reputation and reality, a strong franchise business reputation management strategy is essential.

DMI Internet Marketing Agency offers comprehensive services to manage the reputation of franchises across different demographics. We partner with Rize Reviews to automate reputation management campaigns and ensure the success of marketing efforts across multiple locations.”

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Franchise Reputation Management Services

Make more people say good things about your brand and stay ahead of any bad comments.

Review Generation

"We use our special tool to help manage and improve the reputation of your franchise. This tool automates the process of asking for reviews from customers at different locations, ensuring you get more reviews. Our team collaborates with each franchise owner to encourage positive online reviews for their stores, enhancing their overall image."

Review Monitoring

"Our special software gathers reviews from sites such as Google and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to simplify how you keep track of them. It's designed to monitor multiple sites and locations, making it easy for you to manage all the reviews for your franchise."

Review Response

"We assist you in creating clear rules for how to respond to both positive and negative reviews, making sure everyone in your franchise follows them. Our experts in franchise review management can even write and publish responses for you, saving you precious time."

Video Testimonials

"We use our franchise reputation management tool to create genuine video testimonials for each location. Our software lets you capture video testimonials remotely, saving you the need to travel far to collect reviews for your franchise business."

Online Reputation Repair

"If your online reputation needs a boost, we're here to help! Our company specializes in managing reviews for businesses. We use SEO and best practices in reputation management to help you take back control of your brand and improve its image. When dealing with a reputation crisis, we handle it carefully to minimize the impact on your brand."

Listings Management

"Get noticed and make it simple for your desired customers to discover your local business through our listings management service. We assist in creating, overseeing, and enhancing local directories for each franchisee. Plus, we add 5-star reviews to boost your business's reputation."

Product Reviews Management

"Our franchise reputation management software helps gather reviews for your products, whether they're sold on your own website or on third-party platforms like Amazon or Overstock. Our enterprise review management firm is here to assist you in managing and improving your product reviews across various platforms."

Social Media Follower Growth Service

"Our special software for managing franchise reputations collects reviews for your products, whether they're sold on your website or other platforms like Amazon or Overstock. Our enterprise review management firm is ready to help you handle and enhance your product reviews on different platforms."

Survey Campaign Management

"Gather genuine feedback from your local customers and use this valuable information to enhance various aspects of your franchise business. We initiate unlimited email and text marketing campaigns to connect with customers, ensuring you receive reliable market insights."

SEO Reputation Management

"We assist in crafting a positive brand story by making sure that when potential customers search for your business online, they find only positive content. Our SEO team actively promotes favorable digital elements, such as blog posts and positive reviews of your online franchise stores, across the internet."

Review Widget

"Showcase social proof and customer testimonials on your website with our custom review widget. As a complimentary tool for our clients, this widget enhances their SEO efforts and strengthens brand credibility. The review widget comes with customizable settings, flexible website plugins, and mobile-friendly features."

White Label Reputation Management

"If you're a digital marketing agency with multiple locations seeking expert reputation management support, we provide comprehensive white-label solutions. Our services assist you in generating more reviews for your clients' franchises, effortlessly boosting your revenue."

QR Codes

"Sign up for our franchise reputation management service and receive a free QR code. We can customize QR codes for each of your locations, guiding customers to your Google Business Profile or their preferred review platform to share their feedback."

Two-Way SMS

"Improve communication with your customers at different locations using our two-way SMS service. With this service, you can initiate review generation campaigns, follow up with contacts, and allow them to respond easily."

Why Choose DMI for Your Franchise Reputation Management

Achieve optimal outcomes for all your service locations.

“At DMI, we recognize the unique challenge of managing the reputation of franchise businesses, requiring a delicate balance between personalization and adherence to branding guidelines for success. Our reputation managers conduct in-depth market research, leveraging valuable data to formulate a standardized online reputation management strategy for franchises that yields positive outcomes for all service locations.

By choosing our franchise reputation management services, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:”

Multi-Language Support

"We offer review generation support in multiple languages for franchise businesses, including Spanish and German. This enables us to serve clients globally and provide excellent reputation management for brands with multiple locations."

Scheduled Reports

"When you subscribe to our monthly plan, you receive detailed franchise business review reports every 30 days. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of your campaign performance, including consolidated and individual data on review scores, star ratings, and review volume."

Dedicated Support Team

"If you have urgent concerns about your multi-location business marketing or enterprise review management campaign, our dedicated Review Crew members are ready to assist. You can reach them via phone, email, or text to get answers to your questions."

Maximum Transparency

"We provide detailed reports on online franchise store reviews, categorizing them by market, region, and location. These reports help you make informed decisions about your business. If you have any questions, our reputation managers are eager to address them during your scheduled consultations."

Real-Time Franchise Review Monitoring

"No need to wait for days or weeks to see your review score and volume. With our franchise reputation management software, you can monitor reviews in real-time. Check your campaign progress whenever you want for instant updates."

Personalized Dashboard

"Every location will have individual accounts on the dashboard, allowing you to track the performance of each entity. This way, you can identify which locations are excelling and which ones may need to enhance their review generation strategies. Additionally, you can access consolidated reports to evaluate the overall performance of your entire organization."

"Expand your reach, and increase your brand awareness."

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