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Amazon SEO Services

Enhance your online sales with our Amazon Listing Optimization services.


Make the most of Amazon's expanding online marketplace.

In today’s mobile-centric world, reaching audiences searching for products requires a presence on Boosting sales on Amazon involves having a strong SEO presence that ensures your products show up in searches for your target audience. If you’ve noticed the prevalence of Amazon Prime delivery trucks, it’s for a good reason. Amazon remains a powerhouse in United States retail eCommerce sales. The advantages of Amazon SEO are evident for businesses aiming to enhance their financial performance. Collaborating with an Amazon SEO company proficient in Amazon SEO is a key factor in achieving this goal.

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Your Amazon SEO Experts

Get results with our Amazon Optimization service.

Since 2005, DMI has transformed from a small, local digital marketing company to one that collaborates with clients globally. Our growth is attributed, in part, to our capability to produce work that effectively boosts Amazon sales.

Our clients recognize that we’ve positioned ourselves as Amazon experts, translating this expertise into a thriving bottom line. DMI Amazon listing optimization service guarantees you stay ahead of your competition.

Amazon SEO Services

From the initial setup to the end of the day, we take care of all aspects of your Amazon listing optimization.

Seller Account Setup

Our Amazon SEO company collaborates with an Amazon Sales Agent to establish your account, input your products, and set up your inbound shipping plan. Afterward, our Amazon SEO agency ensures that your account is prepared to begin selling products.

Seller Brand Setup

We'll assist you by consulting with the Amazon client team to help set up your Amazon Brand Registry. Once everything is in place, you become eligible for A+ branded content. Moreover, your trademarked product will receive protection.

Amazon Account Audit

Our Amazon SEO company will perform a thorough audit of your current account and product listings. We'll identify any issues that need attention, assess the quality of your existing listings and campaigns, and then present a strategic implementation plan to elevate your product sales. Once approved, our team will optimize your product listings to enhance their search rankings for high-volume keywords within your product categories.

Competitor Research

In our thorough account audit, our Amazon SEO agency will pinpoint your primary competitors and identify opportunities to gain market share from them. Specific strategies may involve pricing adjustments, deals, coupons, offensive targeting, and targeting related product categories. This research allows us to assess your business's standing in the market competitively. We also utilize competitor research to shape your brand strategy, considering next steps to address any gaps in your sales efforts and ultimately giving you a competitive edge.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Our Amazon SEO agency will craft distinctive product descriptions, optimized titles, and compelling content that motivates shoppers to make a purchase. We'll collaborate with your existing creative assets to create a dynamic image set designed to captivate, inform, and persuade consumers to buy. For Amazon Brand Registered sellers, our team will create engaging A+ Content aimed at sharing your brand story, unique product details, and comparison charts to assist shoppers in making informed purchase decisions. For Brand Registered sellers with a diverse product range, we'll also design a custom Amazon Brand Store, allowing shoppers to explore your entire catalog.

Amazon Review Strategies

Ratings and reviews play a significant role in Amazon SEO and influence the perceptions of Amazon shoppers. This is why DMI suggests adopting a proactive approach to managing Amazon ratings and reviews. Our Amazon strategists will utilize a third-party tool to establish automated requests for ratings and reviews that comply with Amazon's strict policies. These automated requests will be branded, personalized, and timed according to the seller's preferences for optimal review collection. This service also includes review notifications, allowing sellers to promptly address any negative customer experiences, thereby increasing the chances of having negative reviews removed or amended.

Ongoing Optimizations

We will persist in discovering keyword opportunities, enhancing the number of reviews for each product, and refining pricing, headlines, and product descriptions. This is a dynamic process that will be continuously improved until it reaches perfection!

Amazon PPC Services

Our Amazon advertising PPC specialists will oversee and consistently enhance the performance of your Amazon sponsored ads. We aim to attract buyers through automatic, manual, and social sources, ensuring a high return on investment (ROI) and a low Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS).

Buy Box Management

Not everyone on Amazon has your brand's success in mind. There are individuals who may attempt to hijack your products and undermine your rankings. Our Amazon SEO agency is experienced in dealing with such situations, and we ensure that your brand's exclusivity is protected. We specialize in removing Amazon leeches to safeguard your brand's integrity.

Are you ready to make your Amazon business even bigger?

Collaborate with an Amazon Marketing Agency that has demonstrated and proven results.

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